About us

Your productivity is our priority!

Hydromek, Inc. is a leading designer, builder and manufacturer of tooling dies and roll forming technology for custom shapes and profiles. Established in 1984 (with experience since 1967), Hydromek’s exceptional customer service has delivered quality products with 100% customer satisfaction.

In building a custom machine, we put our experience and creativity to work, and we believe in working closely with our clients to deliver well-designed and functional products. Our approach to design is multi-pronged: we not only have highly skilled engineers, but we utilize state-of-the-art technologies and computer programs that are in full compliance with today’s industry standards. Following a rigorous design process, we use CNC lathe and milling to produce machines that fully match our clients’ specifications.

We believe that availability and reliability of our products are key factors in optimum production. Therefore, we conduct comprehensive testing and trouble-shooting on new machines before installing and launching them at client sites. We also welcome visits by our clients to our manufacturing facilities, in order to run demonstration tests on new machines.

And to complete our service package, we offer employee training and follow-up maintenance on our products in order to ensure their longevity. We are committed to our clients’ success at Hydromek, Inc., where your productivity is our priority!